Simon Fraser University, 2015-

HIST 132: Global Environmental History [syllabus]
HIST 204: The Social History of Canada [syllabus]
HIST 323: The Canadian Prairies [syllabus]
GEOG/HIST 377: Environmental History [syllabus]
HIST 428: People, Polar Bears, Pipelines: A History of the Arctic [syllabus]
GEOG/HIST 432: Science, Technology, and Nature in the Modern World [syllabus]
HIST 436: Land and Power in British Columbia [syllabus]
HIST 494: Honours Seminar [syllabus]

University of Maine, 2013-14

CAN 101: Introduction to Canadian Studies [syllabus]
HTY 398: Furs, Frontiers, and Fame: North American Exploration [syllabus]
HTY 599: Global Environmental History [syllabus] [reading list]

Rutgers, 2012-13

506:221: History of Exploration [syllabus]

University of British Columbia, 2011-12

HIST 325: Canada 1896-1945: Boom, Bust, and War [syllabus]