Environmental history

If you’d like to learn more about environmental history, here are some good places to begin. You can also check out NiCHE’s page of resources for even more suggestions.


Blogs and podcasts

Edge Effects, a blog run by the Center for Culture, History and Environment at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Exploring Environmental History, a podcast featuring mainly European and world historical topics.

Nature’s Past, a podcast featuring mainly Canadian and North American historical topics.

The Otter ~ La Loutre, the blog of the Network of Canadian History and Environment (NiCHE).

Seeing the Woods, the blog of the Rachel Carson Center.


Academic organizations and resources

American Society for Environmental History

Climate History Network

European Society for Environmental History

Environmental History Bibliography at the Forest History Society

H-Environment Roundtable Reviews

Historical Climatology

Network in Canadian History and Environment (NiCHE)


Websites of Canadian environmental historians

Stephen Bocking. Environmental history and the history of science.

Jennifer Bonnell. Canadian environmental and agricultural history, cities, animals.

Jim Clifford. British and European environmental history, commodities, HGIS.

Dagomar Degroot. European and North American climate history.

Sean Kheraj. Canadian environmental history, animals, parks, pipelines.

Daniel Macfarlane. Environmental and diplomatic historian of the Great Lakes.

Josh MacFadyen. Canadian environmental and agricultural history, HGIS.

Merle Massie. Canadian environmental and agricultural history, local history.

Ian Mosby. Historian of food science and nutrition in Canada.

Ryan O’Connor. Historian of environmentalism in Canada.

Shannon Stunden Bower. Historical geography and environmental history of the Canadian Prairies.