I am a co-editor of The Otter~La Loutre, the blog of the Network in Canadian History and Environment (NiCHE). The Otter~La Loutre provides a platform for emerging and established Canadian environmental historians and historical geographers to share their research.

I have commissioned and edited a number of special series for The Otter~La Loutre since 2015. These include:

Landscapes of Science” (2015), on environmental history and the histories of science, technology, and medicine;

When Blue Meets Green” (2015), on environmental history and labour and working-class histories;

(Un)Natural Identities” (2016), on environmental history and the histories of gender and sexuality;

A Cold Kingdom” (2016), a “found” series on winter in Canadian history;

Hope and Environmental History” (2017);

Rhizomes” (2017-), a series of interviews with Canadian environmental historians working beyond the professoriate.

From 2013 to 2017, I also sat on the editorial board of Findings/Trouvailles, the blog of The Champlain Society. Findings/Trouvailles offers researchers the opportunity to explain how a fascinating object or document they have found in the archives can shed new light on Canadian history.

Both of these blogs are always looking for contributors. Please have a look at the submission guidelines here (The Otter~La Loutre) or here (Findings/Trouvailles) if you’re interested.


Although I microblog regularly on Twitter, I don’t keep a long-form blog. I occasionally contribute to various group blogs. My recent posts include:

Declining Declensionism: Toward a Critical Hopeful Environmental History,” The Otter~La Loutre, June 2017

A Blue(berry) Christmas: Sheldon Lake, Yukon, 1942,” Findings/Trouvailles, December 2016

A Cold Kingdom,” The Otter~La Loutre, March 2016

Go South, Young Historian?” The Otter~La Loutre, June 2015

Why Should We Care About the Erebus (or Terror)?”, September 2014

Franklin Relics, Then and Now: Canadian Arctic Sovereignty on Display,Findings/Trouvailles, May 2014

@TrapperBud and the History of Northern Canada,” Seeing the Woods, January 2014.

I have also written a number of Twitter essays, on topics as various as names, titles, and kindness in the academic classroom (January 2017); the discovery of the HMS Terror (September 2016); and reflections on Elk Island National Park’s Bison Festival (August 2015).